Unlocking Your Child's Future

Meet the Teachers

          At Bethany Nursery group, our high caliber staff is committed to providing excellent care for our students. The dedicated teachers create a safe and nurturing environment in which each child is encouraged to grow at their own pace, both as an individual and a member of the group. Using individual, small and whole group instruction, our teachers are able to meet the specific needs of each student, while still allowing them plenty of time to play, create and explore! With strong knowledge of the developmental domains of preschool children (cognitive, personal and social, physical, creative expression and aesthetic development), and a deep love of children, our teachers are devoted to helping each child reach his/her fullest potential.

Christine Haiday

Director and Head teacher

Christine is a certified teacher with a long career working with children. Starting at the age of 16, as a camp counselor, Christine has continually worked with children in several capacities, including day care, dance teacher, Cub Scout and Girl Scout leader, and classroom teacher. She taught in the Milford Public School system as a Pre-K/K and fourth grade teacher for many years, and also volunteered her time running an after school theater program, before joining us at BNG. After serving as secretary on our Executive Board, she joined our teaching staff in 2010. Christine holds a degree in Business Management and Elementary Education, a Master's degree in Science Education, as well as a Head Teacher license.

Melissa Shea

Assistant Teacher

Melissa is a certified teacher with a wide range of experience. Holding a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Elementary Education, Melissa has a variety of experiences working with children and their families. Her experience includes working in a daycare, a family intervention program, and as a Mental Health Coordinator, as well as serving as a kindergarten and fourth grade teacher at Bethany Community School. Melissa also has done volunteer work including working as a teacher for a pre-K readiness program. Melissa shares in the unique experience of having both a professional and personal dedication to the program, having served on our Executive Board while her daughter attended our program.

Marina Papadopoulos

Assistant Teacher

Marina has a diverse background of experience in the child development field. Spending time working in both child development centers and as a private nanny, Marina has had many years of experience working with young children. Marina’s experiences go beyond the classroom. Some of her other past experiences includes volunteering in an orphanage in Peru and obtaining her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate in Greece. Marina possesses a great love and learning and of young children.

Jessica Marsha

Assistant Teacher

Jessica is a certified teacher with several years experience with young children.  A majority of Jessica's experience has been with children pre-k through first grade.  She has also spent several years as an instructional tudor, helping children reach their fullest potential in a variety of skills in the areas of reading, math and writing. With patience and a calm demeanor, Jessica is skilled at being a supportive teacher in any classroom.