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After several months of researching preschool programs in our area, we decided to send our son to Bethany Nursery Group. The program had come highly recommended and we have been so thrilled with our decision. The teachers are wonderful and our son loves attending school as a result. We are looking forward to another year with the Bethany Nursery Group!

Rebecca T.

Bethany Nursery Group is more than a school, it's a family. My daughter genuinely loves her teachers and classmates. Together they learn, play, and explore new things through their structured, yet fun program. Every day that she attends BNG, she gains independence and becomes more prepared for kindergarten. If it were up to her, she'd never leave!

Jason S.

My son has been attending BNG since 2015, and he originally fell in love with the warm atmosphere and loving teachers. When Mrs. Garcia retired at the end of the school year, I was very concerned that my son would not enjoy attending preschool without her being there. While he did miss her over the summer, my son quickly bonded with the new Director, Mrs. Haiday, as well as with Mrs. Longo and Mrs. Shea at the beginning of the new school year. And of course, Mrs. C was still a familiar and friendly face for all of the returning students. I am continually impressed by the caliber of dedicated and qualified teachers, as well as with all of the new things my son has been learning throughout the year. BNG has truly been a great place for our family to meet new friends, and to keep in touch with others in the community.

Lauren S.

When looking at nursery schools, I visited BNG and immediately saw the pleasure Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Rechi and Mrs. Cofrancesco had greeting and engaging the children. Looking around, I noticed hands-on arts and crafts displayed all around the room and also a corner of computers. The toys and project centers were neat and organized. I love that they go outside ALL year! My son comes home singing different songs, telling me amazing things (for a 3-yr old) that he learned at school and always talking about his teachers and friends at BNG. BNG was recommended to me by a mom whose children attended, and I recommend BNG to every parent!

Amy S.

My experience with The Bethany Nursery Group?... It was one of the best things I could have done for my son and daughter. I had always had family take care of the kids when I worked, so I never needed to put them in daycare. This was going to be the first time I had left them with "strangers". But they were not strangers for long! All three teachers are wonderful and they all met the needs of each of my children. If it wasn't for Mrs. Garcia alerting me at the first Parent/Teacher conference that my son needed extra help, he would have been struggling now. He's now in 4th Grade and doing wonderfully. BNG has a wonderful program that will have your child ready for Kindergarten. Mrs. Garcia takes each child individually and is able to identify what their needs are. They have wonderful field trips that they go on such as apple picking, pumpkin picking, they take in a play, etc. Then there's the holiday party, playing in the snow, Mrs. Garcia's favorite, but most important is the level of learning your child will receive at BNG. They will take it with them as they move on in their education, as well as the friendships both you and your child will make. You know when I first left my son there that first day, my heart was in my throat because I was leaving him with "strangers". By the end of the fourth year at BNG with my daughter, my heart was in my throat because I was leaving good friends and the finest teachers that you could wish for. BNG was the best choice I made for my children and also for me. How about you?

Maria P.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. One of the hardest decisions you'll make is which school they should be sent to. You want their first experiences to be positive, safe and happy. You want to know in your heart you gave them the best base for the years to come. I KNOW I got this right. Sending my children to The Bethany Nursery Group was one of the best things I could have ever done for my children and myself. After checking out the other "preschools" in the area, which in reality are daycare centers, I found BNG. I first learned about the school from other mothers who had their children in a class at the Park and Rec. They raved about the school's program. Once I met Pat Garcia, who welcomed the girls with a big smile and warm "Hello!", and I saw the bright, cheery classroom, I knew this was where my kids belonged. A school is only as good as its teachers. For the teachers at BNG, it's not just a job, it's a calling. Each one, in her own way has something very special to offer and is a wealth of knowledge. I cannot tell you how many times I was concerned about one thing or another and relied on the advice given by Mrs. Garcia. She never made me feel foolish or uncomfortable and I know if I called her tomorrow, she'd still be willing to help. BNG offers so much more than the other area schools. The field trips are great opportunities for your children to learn while having fun. The parties and school events are heartwarming and family involvement is encouraged. There are so many ways to participate, whether it's baking for the family picnic, being a Mystery Reader, working on the Memorial Day float or joining the executive board. (I did all of them!) You'll never be sorry you got to share these special days with your child. If you ask my girls today who their favorite teachers are, they'll say Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. C. and Mrs. Rechi. To this day, I know that the reason my children look forward to going to school is because of the absolutely wonderful experience that had at BNG. These teachers made learning fun and not work. I never imagined what an important roll the school would play in my life and how much I'd miss that interaction with the teachers and other parents when my children graduated. Both my girls have made lasting friendships and so have I. I strongly encourage you to visit the school and see you for yourself how amazing these teachers and this program are. You'll be giving your child the best opportunity to learn at this level and you'll know in your heart you got it right too.

Jackie N.

Our daughter loved going to BNG! Pat always made her feel welcome, and we could see how she grew socially, emotionally and cognitively during the two years she attended the school. We were impressed by all the teachers' enthusiasm, caring and professionalism. We were very happy about the approach BNG takes toward skills development and kindergarten readiness, which is that children learn best through play. The school provided our daughter with a stimulating, rich learning environment and then wisely allowed her to learn at her own pace, in the ways she felt most comfortable. We feel truly grateful to Pat G., Pat R. and Judy C. for the wonderful experience our daughter had at BNG. The Board of Directors, composed of parents, also impressed us with their dedication, sense of community and professionalism.

Alice E. and Octavio S.

Of all the pre-schools I visited in the area towns, I chose BNG because of its bright, caring, nurturing environment. So far, two of my children have gone to BNG, and I can happily say it has proven to be everything I had hoped it would be for my boys. My 2 boys are so different from each other, but each of the teachers has appreciated their individuality, and truly nurtured them. The head teacher, Pat Garcia, has been so helpful when approached for advice regarding the children. Plus, the activities and programs at BNG are so special, from sledding on the playground in the Winter, to "Daddy and Me" activities, to field trips. My children have gotten so excited about each and every one of them! And I am excited to be sending my youngest child to BNG in the Fall.

Claire S.


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